Single Jersey Series

Single jersey circular knitting machines include plain single jersey, fleece, terry machines with open width take down device as optional choice. All machine are ball bearing system, machine with central stitch adjustment, for easy operation and maintenance.

Double Jersey Series

Double jersey circular knitting machine include rib, interlock, spacer scuba, All machines are ball bearing system, machine with central stitch adjustment as optional, and machine with open width take down device to save your time to open the fabric width. Standard double jersey machine dial 2 track, cylinder 4 track cams. And we provide more tracks to make mini jacquard, like dial 4 track, cylinder 6 track cams. Standard interlock machines 34”-72F, we provide higher feeder interlock machines like 34”-108F to increase the production dramatically.

Jacquard Series

Mainly we provide you the electronic jacquard circular knitting machines include single jersey jacquard, double jersey jacquard, terry jacquard, rib transfer jacquard, double sided jacquard knitting machines. The computerized electronic jacquard circular knitting enable us to change new patterns in few seconds, and with larger unlimited pattern size compare with traditional mechanical mini jacquard. We will provide you USB with the software of jacquard pattern creating and user manual of the software.